Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I don't always live out the things I know to be incredibly important. I know very few people who do. But I want to eventually be one of those few. One of the things I've seen pop up consistently recently is the importance of dreaming-and dreaming BIG. God tells us again and again in His word that He wants us to dream. To ask for huge and impossible things from Him. He gets to choose how He'll respond. Sometimes for our own good He says "no" because He can see the big picture and we can't. But sometimes if we only have the audacity to ask and believe Him for it, He performs incredible things on our behalf. He delights to. Because whether we realize it or not, he delights in us. Brilliant!

Have you dreamed big? Have you thought about the things you'd most love to do in this lifetime? I've always had this strange awareness that life may be incredibly short. I've never assumed I'll live to be old. Don't know why. But for whatever reason, I keep a bucketlist. And I live in a way that is constantly pursuing it. Life is too short not to. There's a story or reason behind each item on the list. And I think that's important. May I challenge you today to start a list of your own? And if you're brave enough, to share it with me? I'd love to hear from you.  In the spirit of vulnerability, I'll share some of mine with you. Who knows. Maybe by being open about it, we can help each other accomplish some things!......

Bucket List:
-See Lion King on Broadway
-Go to New Orleans 
-Perform in a musical again
-Sing with Wy
-Spend time on a ranch in the country including taking care of/riding horses
-Personally work for anti-trafficking ministry
-Take ballet class
-Become skilled enough in painting to do commissions
-Learn to surf
-Have a job in theatre (Backstage manager, tech, director, hair/make-up, etc....)
-Live in rural Africa
-See Dubai
-See Egypt
-Spend a day exploring an open-air market in the middle east
-Work with Beth
-Work with Christine Caine
-Work for Disney
-Lose 30 more pounds
-Master archery
-Go to Disneyworld/Wizarding World

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