Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The experiment

So, last night, Becky and I watched Julie and Julia. It was adorable. I kept thinking to myself that as cheesy as this may seem, It would be fun for me to blog through a project the way Julie does in the movie. With living all by myself, I often get very lonely and need a project to work on. One with a goal and that could possibly affect someone else for the better. (Hence the blogging through it.) As to what that project should be, I have no hesitation whatsoever. I already have someone I adore and learn from, so why not make a project and set goals to that learning? Instead of Julie and Julia, this will be Beth and Elisabeth. That's right. I'm going to go through every Beth Moore Bible study in 2010. And I will blog the whole process.( Hopefully, for someone out there, the blogging will be a nutshell version of Beth's wisdom with my take and view added. And I will be an experiment. We shall see what God does with someone who goes through all of Beth's studies in one year. I know that He's shaken up my world and turned me upside down with Believing God and the things I learned from one weekend at Living Proof Live, so I'm fully expecting my world to be rocked!

I want to commit myself and sanctify myself to go through this year with Beth and see what He does with it. I begin on December 15th, 2009 with a preparation of my heart and spirit. I am putting an end to certain activities that could arguably quench the work of the Holy Spirit. And I'm spending the next 15 days in worship and anticipation- thanking Him in advance for the huge things He will do. Any suggestions of which study to start with?