Sunday, August 18, 2013


In the last few days alone I've witnessed numerous occasions in which families are clearly tearing apart. A car pulling over to the side of the road and a mom shoving her teenager out & driving away. A pick-up rammed into a light & a father screaming at his son about it at the top of his lungs. Several customers who's spouses just left them or are cheating on them. Co-workers who's parents are immature, irresponsible, & selfish. It leaves me grieving deeply for our world. The pain so many people experience. And it leaves me with the renewed awareness that we do indeed have a very real & active enemy. One who's goals are to leave us unaware of his activity & to get us to believe it's hopeless.

The truth? There is ALWAYS hope. Nope. You're not the exception & neither is your family. There is no situation that cannot be turned around. It's just that we so often think people are healthy and put together just because. There is NEVER a "just because" in the equation when it comes to health. If someone or some family is healthy, I guarantee that it came by hard work and fighting through blood, sweat, & tears. Too many people are afraid to say this. But it's the reality & the truth. So I'm going to say it....

It's extremely difficult. But health is worth what it takes. So please. Do the hard work. Get the help you need. Be as extreme as it takes. Go wherever it requires. Be open & honest. It won't kill you. It will make you stronger and more beautiful than ever. Fight for your family. Fight for health. There's something greater than you can imagine just around that corner.