Monday, July 8, 2013

That hard-to-say stuff.

I had every intention of writing quite a bit while on this trip. But I'm discovering the very vibrant reality of not being able to actually put into words many of the experiences that are taking place. Sure. I could try to explain what things are like. And I'm sure I will at some point. (Mostly with pictures.) But it's impossible to "get" it without being here. Besides, more than anything else, I have one thing right now to say. And it may surprise you....

My resolve has only been deepened. The urgency with which I feel it quickened. A passion that burns out of control set dangerously ablaze. I will not lay off. Stop speaking about it. Or quiet down. I refuse to sensor my statuses and topics of conversation to avoid offending "friends".
And I stand cemented in my convictions. 

We need to completely quit living a friendly, convieniant, acceptable Christianity. Too long have we looked the same week in and week out. Too long have we lived a life so afraid of allowing the Holy Spirit rein that we end up becoming un-identifiable to the neighborhood except the 2 hours we are at church on a Sunday. Too long have we allowed complacency and easy choices to replace audaciously giving up all we have and walking with open hands and hearts into whatever He would
choose. Too long have we replaced healing others, powerfully stopping injustice, and teaching the flawless truth of Jesus Christ with 9-5, rush hours, break room gossip, and absolutely empty status updates. Too long have we lived as the rest of this world when we are supposed to live and kings and queens, walking every step of our lives filled with authority, beauty, and representation of an Ultimate King who is very much alive and active. Yet one we have the intimate honor of calling "Daddy". And too long have we been afraid of saying these things for fear of what our "circles" will think. 

It's time, church.
And it begins with me. 

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