Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On the streets.

Today I was on the streets learning to connect with many boys who've run away. Former Agape boys. New boys. All kinds of boys. All on glue. All addicted. All literally living in dumpsters. All without any apparent future unless Christ is in the equation. Ah. But He is. And this is so basic. Yet when you are in the middle of watching Jesus do this in front of your eyes, it's mind-blowing. 

We literally ended up in the back-alleys of the slum. We walked right up to the spot where all the boys buy the glue they sniff.

And right before me I watched Jesus save two boys from the streets. Just like that. And it got me thinking.....

What stops US from living life in a pit? Any kind of pit? All the pits? Are we so special and have we done something to deserve a better life than living on a street  in the slums of a third-world country? Or addicted to drugs or alcohol? Severely mentally ill? Have we somehow come to DESERVE living in America? 

Absolutely not. Saved by Grace is all we are. Nothing more. And we need to stop acting like we're entitled. 

Today was an allegory for me. We all need to bend down, get into that slum and be willing to get dirty in the process of extending the hand grace to somebody else. And if we aren't actively doing this...... well, I worry. 

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