Sunday, June 23, 2013


I struggle severely sometimes when looking at my newsfeeds. The things that people post, talk about, and complain about tend to infuriate me. I get it if one isn't a believer. There isn't an example, standard, and higher goal or calling thrust upon them. But if one is in Christ, they have no excuse. The self-centered, high maintenance, materialistic, image-focused, American Dream life that we've begun to whine about obtaining as if somebody owes it to us makes my stomach knot up. And it's sad how difficult it is for me to find like-minded people in this. VERY sad. 

I wish there was a way to force every single person to spend time working in the heart of the impoverished areas of our towns right here or a third world setting. Because if the American church doesn't begin getting some perspective, it's not going to be a pretty. The time for revival is now. And I'm talking about WITHIN the church. A revival of heart and focus and purpose. And I've drawn the circle around my own two feet. It begins here. With me. 

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