Thursday, July 11, 2013


She was different. She was extremely beautiful. Not by worldly standards. But severely striking in a way that couldn't be denied. A way that required-commanded-you to notice it. Not that she ever realized it. But everybody around her did. They found themselves to have an unexplainable fascination and gravitation toward her. And the fact that she was so oblivious to it made her even more desirable to be around. She was boldly confident. Held herself with elegance as royalty who'd been trained would. That always made others wonder, Curious as to how she became this way and what her story was. There was a gleam in the corner of her eye that you almost didn't notice but sub-consciously took in. It told you that the confidence came from some kind intense journey of hard work to become the person she is. A story tucked away just at the edges. You just knew that someone doesn't become this way by accident of chance. 
The way that she held herself with mighty authority made you stand in awe. The power that she held. The way she approached Jesus when she spoke with Him. It rang strangely similar to a fully-armored and engaged soldier. Not idle, but as if in the midst of war. Speaking and checking in with fellow soldiers at regular intervals, all the while moving with ease and having a breezy and peaceful calmness. You just knew that whether she had shared it with you or not, she had helped the helpless. Gotten down into the ditch with the sinner. And laid hands on and seen the diseased healed. 
And somehow you knew that she was quietly changing the world. 

We can all be her. We SHOULD all be her. I'm done with excuses. I'm done with comparison. I refuse to continue watching and reading and looking at even the most normal material if it means being a "normal" woman, American, or Christian. If we put our foot down, dig in, and do the hard work, we CAN be this. We can overcome normalcy, complacency, our culture, boredom, insecurity, selfishness, and addiction. We CAN be stunning in a way that goes deeper than anything our society says. And we CAN change the world. We CAN. 

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