Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Loving the impossible.

I never get tired of the way Jesus shows off. Seriously!

 Yesterday, I received an e-mail about my up-coming trip to Kenya with some details I had not been aware of. Several of these details meant some extra expenses that are hard to cover when you're working as a barista. So I naturally forgot most of my Believing God stuff and let the human-nature side take over. I panicked. I kicked and screamed against God's chest with frustration and fear. I sobbed. I became irrational. And over-dramatic Liz took over sounding strangely close to a certain donkey we all know and love who delights in pointing out the negative in every situation. I finally  threw up my hands and, exasperated, said "Alright, then. I can't do anything to make sure I can afford this. If it's gonna work, YOU have to do something." 

I'm thinking at that very moment His response was "THANK YOU! Now that you've finally handed me the reins, I can show you a little something." And show me He did. Within 2 hours, I was being told a check was coming my way. And then before I could be done being blown away by THAT, I had more money today. Jesus is rapidly turning my world upside down and around in a way that will make sure I'm never the same. He continues to show me how much He delights in doing the impossible. Every day. And the more I get to do the harder things, the more He pours out. I wouldn't be witnessing miracles big and small, left and right, if I didnt have the honor of living a life that requires utter dependence on Him. 

...Which makes me think again about the fact that we may be missing out on watching Him do things that are of ginormous proportion because we don't want to let go and completely say "YES!" to faith-living. To complete Kingdom-work. And how sad would it be to never experience the God who hand-knit you together doing things for YOU that no human being could ever even consider. Heal the leaper? Cast out demons? demolish strongholds? Banish disease? Tell people who've never heard that their creator walked Earth and died just to have a love-affair with them? Yep. Still can happen every single day. If we learn to start loving the impossible because we know it's the perfect formula for Him to show up and be BIG.  I'm Believing God. 


Ashley Lynch-Harris said...

Hi, Elisabeth,

I stumbled across your blog, and I really appreciated this post. I'm looking more towards the extraordinary God has planned for me more than ever before. We live in this world, and as such we are often fed ideas and limits that aren't set from a godly perspective. Fortunately, we are not OF this world, and we have a Savior named Jesus who allows us to break free! We can't even comprehend His awesomeness!

With all that being said, I'm looking forward to experiencing more and more of God everyday. I live daily with the expectation to be in awe all over again. :) Thanks for sharing, and God bless as you continue with Christ on your extraordinary journey!


Elisabeth said...

Hallo, Ashley!
Thank you- it is so great to "meet" you!