Saturday, March 30, 2013

Because of.

I used to feel as if God doesn't answer or walk with people through things sometimes. If I didn't see someone experiencing deliverance in a tough situation, I sort of assumed He wasn't involved much. But thanks to Miss Beth I have been understanding a lot more lately about how God delivers. In any situation, there are 3 likely scenarios:
1. God may deliver us FROM it
2. God can deliver us IN it.
3. He can deliver us THROUGH it.

Say I get cancer. He can deliver me FROM it with healing me completely. IN it by healing me over time with chemo and radiation and doctors. Or THROUGH it by welcoming me with open arms into my new home and body. In all scenarios, He's delivered me. (BTW.....I believe there are countless times we're delivered FROM things and never even know what He's spared us from!)

Take Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. When Darias ordered them thrown into the fire, God could've easily stopped any part of the operation and delivered them completely from the flames altogether. But He didn't. Instead, they were thrown in and survived, coming out without so much as a scratch. I've often wondered if they were to come out unharmed why they had to go INto the fire.

Taking another look at it, I see that during their time in the fire, they had a protector join them and walk among the flames with them. Many historians believe that this could indeed be a pre-incarnate Jesus Himself. And when they emerged, scripture says not a hair on their heads was singed, but the bonds that had once been around their hands and feet were turned to ash. Yes. BECAUSE of the fire.

So, you see, when we and up having to walk IN the middle of a trial, it may be a whole lot better of a scenario than we imagined. We just may get to walk side by side with Jesus, have some bondage burned right off in the process, and remove from the fire unscathed.

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