Friday, April 5, 2013

This spot.

I recently was made aware of the fact that I'm actually EMBARRASSED by a lot of what my life looks like right now. A few former employees of one of my jobs asked me "you still working THERE?" with a sarcastic laugh. That made me really begin to become bitter against a whole array of things. And want even more than ever to get into a new stage. A new place. With new everything.

As I mulled this over for a while, I realized something important. I have been treating everything about this stage of my life as if it's just that. A stage. Nothing more. Something I have to put up with until things get better. Until Jesus lets me move on.

Then I was severely convicted yesterday. During a conversation with a co-worker who doesn't know The Lord, I was told that I am different in a way that makes her think about Jesus. And I realized in a flash that I am the only piece of Jesus she knows at this point. The responsibility and honor of such a situation is something that I most certainly don't want to just "put up with."

So I'm on a mission. A mission to become passionate about wherever I may be in this moment. Even if it's the last place I WANT to stay. Even if others think I'm a loser because of where I work and what I'm doing and how it's not "successful."
We can fall flat on our faces and passionately pray over any spot we find ourselves in. Like it or not. And that is precisely what The Lord WANTS from us. Perhaps I am stuck where I am just to learn this important lesson. A lesson we should all learn.


Anna said...

"Wherever you are, be all there." - Jim Elliot

Elisabeth said...

Yes!!! Jim's my man!;)