Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There once was a crazy year (4)

Before I knew what was happening, my house was selling and I had to be out. Quickly. It all happened so fast I hardly had time to process the words being said before I was tossing the contents of the entire house into throw, keep, and thrift store piles. I didn't know where I was going. I'm on a small budget. I panicked for a small amount of time. It's kinda like having the wind knocked out of you. I was crying about this with Jesus, telling Him I felt like everything I love is being ripped out from under my feet, when He asked me one simple question. "I thought you said you love ME. What happened to following me to the ends of the Earth?" Conviction. Huge conviction. I remembered something Jesus had said to those claiming promise to follow Him. That even animals have dens and nests, but "The son of Man has nowhere to lay His head." So the attachment to my house needed to go. Okay. "What're we doing, then?" I asked. I threw up my hands and stopped planning. About an hour later, my phone rang

I was told about an opportunity to be involved in some ministry in an area right here in Modesto that is often overlooked and neglected. The west side. Dangerous, yes. But desperate for Jesus to infiltrate. And very quickly, things fell into place. I found out about a house that is overseen by City Ministries Network (Did you know there's a board comprised of people from all kinds of churches and ministries in modesto?) that is currently housing interns with Youth For Christ and is looking for another person to move in to be more involved and close to ministry that goes on in this part of town. So I talked with several people and once again things happened fast. I'm already moved in. Well, mostly.

I have no idea yet of all that I'll be involved in. But I'll tell you what I DO know: That this will be the first year I'll be focused on ministry as my priority rather than working up a ladder with a corporation. I've always put work first. That's what I've been taught. The shift that has happened within me is one of refusing to listen to everyone around me and trust that the King over every dime and dollar will provide if I pour myself into following His lead and being His hands and feet. This is just like being a missionary. That's basically what I'm beginning. I just happened to move to West Side Modesto rather than South Africa or Papau New Guinea. (Which I'm totally wanting to do too someday!) I know I'm good at encouragement-especially of people who're knee-deep in ministry. I want to do something with that. I know that we are planning to hold Zumba classes in the new Youth For Christ building next to Modesto High. I pray people come. I pray they encounter Jesus through it. I don't know what other things I will be involved in. But my hope and prayer is that I will find those who know ministry. Who've been doing it. Who will take me seriously and train me up to do it well. I am focused on figuring out where I fit well and working in the trenches of ministry every day. That's my calling. That's what I'm wired for. I have a feeling this year will be a lot of new. A lot of learning and a lot of change. But I'm excited to see where He places me. Let the adventures begin!!!!


Annie said...

So excited to see what God will do! And rejoicing at what He's already done! This made my day - I'm doing a little happy dance as I type!

Jeff said...

That is quite the shift; though I wish you'd left your "Believing in God" post up to chart the journey, or at least revisit it in a future post; because there is some good workings out, there. Nonetheless, no lack of adventure for you!

I like your mention of Matthew 8:20 and am reminded of Rich Mullins song "You did not have a home". Incidentally, I'm really enjoying a lot of the music that I've forgotten, but am being reminded of as I read about the yearning for God in your and others writings.

Now that you have a place to rest your head, and have all of these wonderful hopes and adventures to set upon, be blessed in the encouragement of Matthew 7:11.

Peace to you Elisabeth of Modesto.
I am glad for you!

BeckyLove said...

So proud of you and excited for you. God is doing things in all our lives and I am so glad you see Him working in yours! We (Me for sure) so often miss this! I love you and am encouraged daily by your amazing commitment! <3