Tuesday, January 3, 2012


When I was little, I used to play with peoples. Do you remember those things? I would build towns and cities and place all the little wooden people all throughout.  I would have a designated spot that I would place each little person. Created just for them. And they would have conversations, and jobs, and cars, and purpose. I spent hours lost in this world every day when I was little. 

I haven't thought about those peoples for years. Yesterday, I was driving in the quiet with Jesus. Out of the blue, I had a vision flash before my eyes. A vision of peoples. They were all set up in their town, in their designated spots. Then, I saw myself playing with them. I created a whole new area and amazing new house for this one little guy who had been placed in the very corner of the town next to a lamppost on the street. But when I tried to pick him up from his old spot next to that lamppost to clean him up and re-paint him and place him in the brand new area that was a hundred times better that I had created just for him, he didn't want to go. He screamed "No! No! This is my spot! This is the area you've created for me. This is where I'm used to being & where I'm content. Don't take me away from all that!" As i reached down to pick him up and move him, he grabbed onto that lamp post for dear life. As if that was gonna stop me from moving him when i decided the time was right. I thought about how ridiculous it is that the little dude was freaking out about being moved from his spot when what I wanted to do was restore and give him a place that I had specifically created to showcase his color and personality. A place that is much larger and more beautiful than anything this little guy had ever laid eyes on. And here he was, fighting me from moving him because he didn't trust what I wanted to do with him. As all of this went flooding through my mind in about a 2 minute period of time, I realized the reason and significance of this flash of Divine imagination running through my head. I saw it. I knew.... How often are we that little peoples dude? How often do we grab and hang on to our current spot or position for dear life-thinking "No, Lord! Don't move me. This is the lot you've given me. Don't uproot me! I'm happy. I'm content." When what He has for us is a whole new beautiful and incredible world beyond our imagining. He won't force it on us. But he has it to freely give. If we simply step into that faith and let go. The future can be more incredible than we've ever dreamed. It's not a fairy tale. It's our reality. Grab it. Dive into it. Let go. 

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