Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raw Gems

So there's all this seemingly un-connected stuff that I have scribbled down in the midst of my Beth studies the last few weeks. I have been waiting and waiting for them to connect so I could turn them into some type of incredible blog. But alas, they are failing to do so. So I finally came to the conclusion today that I need to just write it all out. In chunks. And let them be raw. Even unpolished, they are beautiful gems.
Here is a bunch of randomness. I pray you can pick out something that sparkles just for you. Consider it a treasure hunt with Jesus.......

*We will never be able to accomplish what God wants for us without confidence in Him. What I mean is, how much do we believe God? (Not believe IN God, but BELIEVE God?)

*We are always moving. Human beings are never still. Every moment, you are either moving closer toward or further from God. If you feel God is not near, guess who moved?

*If we truly grasp God-I mean REALLY understand that He is so much bigger and greater than our comprehension- we will come to Him Believing Him for such huge things that we are bordering on recklessness. What are we praying for? HOW are we praying? What is your dream right now, at this very moment, for your life? What is your vision for your future? Is it big enough for God? (NOT "is your God big enough for your dream?" If we're wondering that, we are in serious trouble!) It could be argued that if we aren't dreaming HUGE dreams-dreams others will laugh at in their ridiculousness & impossibility-we aren't gasping God's plan for us. Or others. God delights in being the God of the impossible. He wants us to ask Him for impossible things, to have impossible dreams for ourselves & those we love. Most everyone we look up to in the Bible lived that kind of faith: Abraham, Paul, David, Rahab, Mary & Joseph to name a few. We need to dream so big, that when God shows up and shows off on our behalf, people will have no choice but to credit God for what happened!

*We all have secrets, sin, and ugly parts of us.
With these, one of three things can happen:
1.We can try uncovering our junk in order to excuse our self of it.
2.Satan will always try to uncover our junk in order to accuse us with it.
3.Jesus will uncover our junk in order to diffuse us.
(Because He knows with it, we are a bomb waiting to explode.)

*With the story of the woman at the well, we read about an exhausted and hungry Jesus who stops to rest at the well and sends His disciples into town for food. As they are gone, the conversation takes place between Him and the woman. By the time the disciples return, they are confused. Jesus has revived, gotten energy, and been strengthened by His conversation with the woman. By revealing Himself to her and filling her with truth. And He delights to do that for us. When we come to Him, when we ask Him for a filling, it does NOT wear him out to do it. In fact, it makes Him so happy when we ask. It excites Him, and He jumps at the chance to be anything and everything to us. Add to that the fact that it fulfilled prophecy for Jesus to reveal Himself as He did to the woman. What a revolutionary thought......It fulfills Jesus to Fulfill YOU! Let THAT one settle on your heart for a while!

*I can way all day long "God is all-powerful." Well, yes. But do I believe He is all powerful in ME?

*God has called YOU to be exceptional. Not someone else-YOU

*No matter what the issue or how bad, there IS freedom within you.
(For where he Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Where does the Spirit live? That's right....YOU!)

*Do you want an incredible and wild ride out of life? You can't have that if you try to remain in control. It can't be a ride if YOU'RE driving. It can only be a wild ride if you scoot over into the passenger seat and let somebody else drive!


Macaroo42 said...

Great stuff, Sista! Your format inspired me! Your second or third point reminded me, though, of what Beth said a couple of sessions ago in Esther: God tested her by His absence. He's tested a LOT of people by His absence. So don't automatically assume that if you can't feel Him, it's your fault. It may be, but it may also be His idea. Ask.

Elisabeth said...

Hmmm....I will have to think about this. I see good points to both sides!