Friday, February 26, 2010

A recent conversation.

Okay, mister. We need to talk. It's time to define this relationship. Oh, yes. It's what you've always feared. I have found you out! What a lying two-timing cheater you are!
I finally see the game you play. I can see how life has been worse for me since you and I hooked up. You have caused me to experience misery. You have caused me to experience anxiety. You've caused me to ruin relationships, hurt people, and have more than one occasion of temporary insanity and embarrassment. (For me AND for others.) You've been a very, very bad friend to me. And I'm breaking up with you. I am leaving you. No, don't be sad. It's not's me. I need to move on. Don't worry. You'll get over it. You'll find someone else to attach to and you two will be very happy together. I must do this to you. You know my Daddy, the King? Well, He's mad at you. He sat me down and brought to my attention how unhealthy you've been for me. He wants to see me happy, content, confident, whole, and complete. And He pointed out that I can't be those things as long as you are near me. He wants you to leave His domain and go far away. You won't be welcome here anymore. After what you've done to me, Daddy will be on His guard. He has special soldiers posted outside the castle and if you try returning, they'll take you down. Daddy has something bigger and better for me. He reminded me that I am a princess, His heir. And that I have an incredible and phenomenal inheritance. He wants me to start taking my place in His Kingdom, as His daughter. And that's exactly what I intend to do. So please don't try to contact me anymore. Ever. Leave me alone. Because, Insecurity, You've been very very bad for me. And I don't love you anymore.


BeckyLove said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I love this. Love it! I wanna read it aloud to the girls! <3

Macaroo42 said...

Booyah! Look at her now!