Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Let them praise His name with Dancing..."

Sure, I may not be hugely obese. But for years I've been overweight. I've been fat. I've used food to comfort me and to push others away by making myself un-desirable.

I am learning more each day how my weight has been a very physical and outward display of the bondage going on inside. More than ever, I see that losing weight is a MUST, and it actually doesn't have very much to do with looks. It has everything to do with a need to get healthy. Inside AND out. I need to learn how to go to the LORD with every need, and not to food to fill the holes I feel inside. I need to learn to submit my body to the LORD'S control rather than my will. The areas of bondage I experience in my life are tied to my weight. The pounds were packed on by trying to comfort and push down problems and experiences as they came up, rather than being raw and honest and myself with God and others. I was playing a game. Acting the part of the person I thought others wanted me to be. But, as Beth says, "Game on, chains on. Game off, chains off." So, it naturally follows that if I'm truly honest about and work through all the areas of bondage that I've been caught up in, I will experience a physical change. If I go to Jesus in a moment of challenge rather than the kitchen, I will be so filled with living water and living bread!

For me, the amazing thing about losing weight isn't looking better. It is that when I look in the mirror, I have a very obvious testimony that HE works. HE is the answer. To EVERYTHING. HE can fill me. HE can calm stressful situations. HE can satisfy the groans of my spirit. HE is enough. HE.....IS. When I dance, I literally picture myself dancing before the Throne of God. For HIM. In praise and, in a way, (this may seem weird,) giving my body to Him. With every pound I've been shedding, with every day of being drenched in sweat from dancing like crazy for an hour, with every bottle of water instead of soda, I become incredibly aware of how spiritual this all is.


BeckyLove said...

Wow Thank you for this! This is going to motivate me to look to Him in a lot of areas! Blessings on your "new life" with him <3

Anonymous said...

Ok! I'm now officially freaking out! About to retire for the night and felt led to check out your blog from the beginning.
And I just read this entry!!! Same date, five years earlier. I knew the Holy Spirit wanted me to encourage you this morning with the email message I sent today to someone I don't know and now the confirmation has encouraged me! God is so awesome!