Friday, May 30, 2014

The whys.

Today was tough. Some days and some circumstances often have us asking "Why?"
That why can be about the smallest detail all the way up to the biggest injustice life can throw at us. 
And we can spend an entire lifetime asking that why about that thing if we aren't careful. 

Today I was reminded that there is an ultimate answer to every single why. And that it's much simpler than we make it out to be........

It takes the lowest points to see the highest points. A light doesn't shine during the day. Without the harder moments and seasons, we don't get to experience the high of something being resurrected or redeemed. Period.  Seeing things redeemed and resurrected? That's the language of the Kingdom. That's how our King operates and why Jesus came. That is a fact. Next time we ask "why", let's remember the answer he gently whispers over us: "So I can show you how much I love to make things beautiful for you." 

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