Saturday, March 15, 2014

For the win.

My goal today was to write an update about giving up insecurity for lent. To share the things that have occurred since Ash Wednesday. But the truth? The truth is that this has been an extremely complicated thing. And in the end, has led to seeing even more things that should be dealt with. Some days I feel like hiding under a rock. But the truth is, we all have areas. We all have ugly in us. And I'd go as far as to say it's probably almost all rooted in insecurity. Sure. It's easy to allow it to become daunting. But here's the beautiful and exciting news:

1. Everyone deals with it. It's normal. That makes it easier to stare in the face. 

2. If we truly begin to grasp who we are-who He's made us & the authority He's handed us- we have nothing but victory at our fingertips & it becomes easier (and perhaps even ENJOYABLE) to search out the things that need to go.  Hunting down insecurity in the deepest layers of our foundation and shedding light into the corners it's been hiding in. 
"Aha! THERE you are. I found you. I win. Game over!"

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