Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There all along.

I found something this week. It was hidden in the pages of a child's book read at 2:00am. Disguised in the form of a customer at work. Waiting to surprise me as I ran into an old accaintence at the store. Sitting in the background of deep and faint childhood memories. Speaking loudly in the middle of pictures and words flying back and forth on Facebook with my adopted older sister. Woven into the threads of many strange dreams and then found in the silence of a 4:30 am drive to work when I was desperately striving to get my memory verse retained but too tired to. It was heard in the sound of voices blended together in harmony over one simple guitar and a few chords. Etched within the lines on Pa's face as I watched him delight in being with Mary and Laura. It was hovering among the words of the podcasts that played on my iPhone. It was feeding me along with the lunch I enjoyed while discussing Kenya and Jesus and ministry and hopes and dreams and the future. It was seen in the sunlight as it dances between the leaves of a tree in the breeze. It was felt as I cuddled with the tiny 3 week old puppies at our house. And it danced with me as I used every ounce of energy for Zumba. 

I found the beauty of watching the Holy Spirit work. In the mundane. The simple. The normal. The hard. The tiring. The refreshing. The gentle. The quiet. He is ALWAYS moving, breathing, weaving, planning, speaking, ministering. We just aren't usually looking.

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This is wonderful!