Friday, May 10, 2013

Get over it!

I've been learning an important lesson that I just can't shake for the life of me. It's harsh. But I believe it's the key. 

We need to get over ourselves: 
1.) We need to get over sin & weakness. We're all screw ups. We all act idiotic at times. But then when an opportunity comes to become incredibly powerful and great for the kingdom, we spiritually cross our arms and stomp our foot in refusal. We claim we're too screwed up or weak to handle something so big. But it's not an acceptable excuse. Shall we discuss the most powerful people in Scripture & the choices they made at times? David murdering and commiting adultery? Aaron crafting a golden calf for the Israelites to worship? Rahab making her living as a prostitute? Tamar deceiving her Father-in-law into impreganting her? Peter's lack of belief that caused Him to sink? Jonah's stubborn selfishness? I could go on for days.......these people are prime examples of human beings who chose to embrace being extraordinary despite their past. Think about it. 

2.) We need to get over our dignity. Some of the most amazing and most powerful people I've met have learned this lesson well. If we just stopped caring what others think of us, we'll move and function in the Spirit in a way that leaves others walking away from us encountering healing, freedom, refreshment, Jesus. Unfortunately, too many times we won't be "weird" because we care about other's opinions of what we're doing. As if they're so much more put together than we are. 

3.) We need to get over entitlements. 
There are so many things we are taught to feel entitled to. Independence. Home-owning. A job. Retirement. Healthcare. Choosing our future and making our own plans. Debt. Choosing when to have children and how MANY to have. But if you know Jesus, He is calling us to something so much bigger and wilder than the way that our society has raised us to think and view the world. And only when we get over all we think we HAVE to have do we truly begin to see what He's up to in a way that will become so much more exciting and fulfilling than we could've ever guessed. 

4.)We need to get over our DESIRES. 
There are a thousand things I want to do with my life. Live in the south. Spend time in the Bayou. Spend at least several years in Africa. Minister to young women. Write books. Compose. Act in theatre again. Work for Disney or Pixar. Be married to someone passionate about audaciously serving Jesus. On and on and on. But I'm beginning to see that by continually handing my desires over, that whole "miserable, life is overwhelming, how can I EVER work hard enough to get there, I'll never be qualified enough for anything, I will never be able to afford it" feeling that most Americans experience begins to fade. It's scary as heck to hand it all over at first. But then you realize that Jesus wants GOOD and FUN and HAPPINESS and JOY and SUCCESS and WHOLENESS for you. More than you want for yourself! And suddenly you want nothing more than His plan. Trust Him. Try Him. Test Him in this. You'll see. 

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