Sunday, September 30, 2012


Recently, I've managed to find myself in a place of struggling with old and familiar problems. Those things you fight with every ounce of your being to deal with and believe that once they're defeated you will never have to see again. Oh, sometimes that happens. Sometimes the Father will walk you through something and then shut the door for good on it. But sometimes, old struggles DO pop back up. Usually when you least expect it. And usually in a way that hits hard and fast. We'd be fools to miss the importance of that right there. Just those two things alone should tell us something. Something I missed until today.

Up until today, I was really down on myself. I was frustrated at having to deal with the same old things again. I was ashamed that they haven't stayed away. And that apparently it was my fault because if I dealt with them in the "right" manner, (whatever that means), I wouldn't have them suddenly and largely in my face again right now.
But then, I began a quick overview of the book of Daniel. And I found a precious nugget there. After studying several translations, I believe I can safely say that the rather strange and intriguing conversation that took place between the angel and Daniel involved more than just words. It involved Daniel-several times-falling to his face or knees and saying "I am weak with anguish over what you're saying." And the angel picking him up and "giving him a new strength." And Daniel saying "I am so overcome I can barely breath." And the angel picking him back up and "touching his lips" and "giving him new strength." The angel even goes as far as to share with Daniel that he was detained because he was in a battle with the prince of Persia, Michael had to come help him, and he was heading BACK to duke it out some more with the "prince".
Same battle. A new round. I ask myself, what was the purpose of the angel sharing this with Daniel? To let him in on a deeper truth? Perhaps because God-being out of space and time and all- knew how much WE could learn from that conversation?

"These verses flash a sobering warning. Overcoming demonic forces is not a once for all matter."
Chuck Swindoll

Do you get it? When satan and his legion can't succeed in destructing one area of your life, they move on and try another. But eventually, when the new doesn't work, they'll come back around to the old. And, like pitching a fastball, trying to come at you as quickly and at as many unexpected angles as possible. Struggling with an old issue doesn't mean anyone's failed at overcoming it. Or dealing with it correctly. It simply means the enemy is attacking in that area again. And before we're so quick to think "Oh, no. I can't fight this old battle again. I haven't got the strength", we need to remember something. Old battle. NEW strength. His renewing and mercies and wisdom are new each morning. He has touched our lips and given us a completely new strength each day. We may be fighting a familiar battle anew, but this time we have a new wisdom and renewed mind to go into it with. And guess what? We win. It's already been decided.

"We have to simultaneously be aware of the enemy's tactics while knowing at the same time he's absolutely nothing to fear. Go kick you some demonic behind. Because you can." Beth Moore


Macaroo42 said...

Love!!! So true!!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth...I found you! I wish I was more techno-savy...I'm the 65 year old "siesta" you met and danced with at LPL Long Beach, after the event...we got to go backstage and have our pic's taken with Beth and 100 other "siestas", remember? I'm keeping you and your mission in prayer, and glad you have nothing to fear, "In Christ Jesus..." Yes, you are a mighty warrior princess in the LORD and you will be used by Him to do exploits in His name! Sending love and blessings your way..."He which has begun a good work in you, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ!" Phil 1:6
Pam Houston><>
Your So. Cal Siesta