Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miracle. [Introduction]

Miracle. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you read that word? Dramatic healing from cancer? Lazarus being raised from the dead? Prison doors being swung open in the middle of the night by the very army of the King of Kings? Time itself stopping and the sun staying put in the sky?

These are indeed incredible things. It's difficult to really think about them without having a large sense of awe overtake you. But how often are these types of miracles something we sub-consciously view as detached and foreign? Admit it. Most of us don't hear the word today and think of what our week has been like. But maybe we should.

God is unchanging, right? Most of us find this comforting. He Word tells us that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. In it's simplest form, this means that His character doesn't change. That's what is great. By studying His Word, we can see what He's like. We don't have to guess. We can KNOW Him. Do we realize how incredible this truth is?! I don't know about you, but most of the time, I don't.

My point is this: If God is unchanging, and if we look at His heart and character all throughout scripture, we see that one of the biggest themes starting in Genesis and actually escalating throughout the new testament is a heart to do HUGE things for His people. Straight up miracles. He actually DELIGHTS in being asked to do the impossible. He THRIVES on it. And so often I think we look at that as a mindset he had. Rather than one He HAS. This is one of those issues I believe Satan himself is working overtime to keep his hand in. If he can keep Christ's Bride from getting this, he keeps her from being 1/4 as effective and powerful and dangerous as she could be.

The truth is that God still very much delights in being asked to do the utter impossible. He loves to and does perform miracles every single day. And I'm learning that we haven't been told or taught enough to ask for, seek, and expect this as a normal part of our lives. In fact, there's only one solid teacher I've ever in my life heard speak on it. Who's ever told me to ask for, expect, and delight in my God doing the impossible on a consistent basis before my eyes. Dare I suggest the lack of addressing this be an issue of unbelief within the church today?

I'm so glad I listened to my Dear teacher. I believe this person has serious wisdom & insight straight form the Holy Spirit. Over 5 years ago, I heard for the first time through them someone tell me I could desire, ask for, expect, and delight in miracles as a way of life. I was hesitant. It went against the way I was raised to "do" Christianity. I had always believed God did miracles in the Bible. But that He doesn't work that way anymore. But I tried it. And it began a wilder string of events and miracles than I would ever have imagined. This is the beginning of one incredible testimony to how amazing He is. Stay tuned for chapter 1......

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