Monday, April 16, 2012


Abraham Lincoln pronounced all slaves free is 1863. But so many people either wouldn't believe it and accept it as true or wouldn't work for change that slaves didn't begin fully walking away from their prisons until three years later. THREE years later. By the time the roads from Tennessee to the Louisianas and winding through Georgia were flooded with former slaves- walking together away from the plantations they were doomed to die working at- and bellowing out a deep and powerful song of freedom- a very significant time had passed since they were actually set free. 

Let me ask a question. I want to ask that you stick with me here. Really think about what I'm about to ask.....

How often is that us? How often are we living with a knowledge of all we've been freed from, of all Jesus Christ has done and is doing, but not having it drastically change and affect everything about us? We don't fully believe its true. And so we live in whatever the bondage may be, believing the lie of the enemy that we just have to put up with our issue. Jesus died for our sins, sure. Freed us from hell. But we stop at that. We don't live as if the very power that hand-created the every detail of this universe is the same that wants a personal relationship with us. Adopted us into His Kindgom and handed over a full inheritance. No. Instead we continue in addiction. Chains. Shame. Guilt. Self-Destuctive lack of confidence and security. Unhealthy habits, patterns, friendships and marriages. How many years is it gonna take each of US to finally stand up, unlock the shackles from our hands and feet, and walk straight up out of the pit we're remaining in?! Seriously. What IS our problem? You and I have the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, THE SAVIOR OF THE ENTIRE PLANET, AND THE UNSTOPPABLE AND IMMOVABLE HOLY SPIRIT WITHIN US. And we're settling for "well, dealing with a little fear issue isn't so bad." Or "Someday it'll get better. I'll just be content until then." I want to say something boldly and in total love. STOP!!! Just STOP!!! Let's arise. Grab the signant ring our Father is holding out to us. Use it. In the name of the ultimate King and authority-remove the evil. The spirits that've co-habited with us. Kick them out in the name of the King. But we don't do this. Maybe we're not believing. Maybe we're not used to seeing others work so intensely at walking away from bondage and so the thought of it scares us. Whatever the reason, something's gotta change. That something is us. Our actions. The way in which we live. Approach our days; our lives. Do something different. Stand up. Look at your chains head-on. Realize you can walk away. And GO! Do it. Do the hard work. Walk away. work hard at Health and change. Be free. Because you're all that's stopping you. Not the enemy. YOU. He may seem to be. That's what he wants you to believe. But he has no jurisdiction in the King's court. No authority. And you're the King's kid. So walk away. Kick him out. And thrive. 

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