Friday, March 30, 2012

Fear. I'm barely beginning to understand it. I know it has been much too present and prevalent in my life and the lives of many I know. I know it controls, dictates, ruins, devastates, and enslaves.  I know that I was in severe bondage to it most of my life and am only beginning to experience the journey of freedom from the rule it had in my mind. At times, it still tries to rule me. I'm in a season of fighting that right now as a matter of fact. But here's a truth we can all hang on to: 
If we face our fears- if we actually DO that which terrifies us & deal with the fears that like to try to control our minds- if we speak that which we are devastated of people knowing about us-we find freedom. Fear can no longer enslave us. The enemy loses one of his largest holds on us (fear is one of his favorites), and we become incredibly dangerous and dynamic. Becoming this person does NOT just "happen", though. Anyone who's secure, dangerous, and dynamic has done some SERIOUS work. Only when we act can Jesus begin to heal and redeem situations that caused the fear. Sometimes I wish I could just keep all hidden and have Him just fix it all quietly. I've tried that for years. However, it seldom seems to work that way. He tends to like to use The Body along the way. Something we don't embrace often enough. (because we're SCARED!) But something that is so beautiful if we do. Embrace it. Be honest. Speak that which you are scared of-no matter how foolish it may be. I'm working on it. I have this strong conviction it's THE key to something absolutely huge. 


Anna said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I needed to hear this today; thanks!!!

Elisabeth said...

I love u. So much!