Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Things I'm learning.

Things I'm learning:
*God did not leave Heaven, walk this Earth, and die an excruciating death on the cross with me in mind so that He can be a priority in my life. He did it so He would BE my life. As I look around me, I realize how hard it is in my society and culture to realize this when it breeds self-centered Christianity.  

*I'm also learning that I can't make other people have the same response to this as me. No matter how much I want to. This is hard. All I can do is answer for myself. 

*Im learning how to truly BELIEVE God. I never fully let go before this year. And since I have, I've watched Him provide, heal, empower, encompass, and bless me in ways I could never have comprehended before. 

*I've learning how to stop living on my feelings. I never "feel" worthy enough to do, well, anything! But I'm learning thats exactly it. I'm NOT! I "feel" too screwed up to do what I knew at 5 years old I was meant to do. But everywhere I look- to my left and to my right-I get confirmation. Feelings are sometimes crap. 

*Im learning that if you stop striving to be good enough, The King shows you a reckless, wild, scandalous love like none you've ever known. (You wanna talk romance?...).and that if you ask for it and you're quiet long enough, you can actually see and hear people through the glasses of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the impossible insight He gives you about people is insane.

*I'm learning that if you absolutely let go of all you want and jump knee deep into partnering with what Jesus is already up to, your life will become the most wild, crazy, adventurous and abnormal ride you can imagine. 

*In short, I'm learning that God is much wilder than I was ever taught about as a child. And if you're bored or boring, you're probably living flat out of the will of God!

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