Saturday, January 21, 2012


He is so evident in everything-we just don't see it. He longs for more intimacy with us-we just overlook it. He has unbelievable adventure for the taking-but we're too busy with our own agendas. He has power beyond our imagination at his fingertips-but we live in unbelief. We miss the quiet ways in which His presence rustles among the breeze and the brush-strokes of His hand are displayed in the sunsets and sunrises. The peaceful sound of His laughter in the water of the streams as it moves and trickles around the rocks. The romance He tries to overtake us with in the color of every flower and field. This is what happens to all of us lest we are careful not to let it. I know the world is bustling around me-keeping appointment after appointment and client after client. Working day after day to get somewhere higher in the world. I know that's "normal" for where I live. But I can't stop asking myself what it's all for. I can't stop thinking to myself "what if the highest place I can strive to get is actually the most quiet, still moments of the day? What is it I truly don't want to miss?

The expression of sadness that almost everyone else misses in my customer's eyes? The teenager who goes un-noticed? The co-worker who just needs an ear? The pastor or even celebrity that is desperate to have a normal everyday conversation? The whisper of the holy spirit As He gives me insight into someone's life I normally wouldn't have? The still of the twilight? The way His voice roars in that still moment if I shut the radio off? The anticipation of a future that goes deeper than I can imagine?.....
Yes. Those are the things I long to grasp. The things that are worth working harder to obtain. No healthy, confident, secure, in-tune person every gets there by accident. It takes work. A lot. But can you say it's not worth it? These are things I long for. I strive for. No matter how weird it makes me. 

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I like where this goes.