Friday, January 20, 2012

Band Practice.

This right here feels like "home",
the band playing in every key & tone.
Songs written by the people here,
The talent and gifting of a musical ear.
The passion that drives the artistic work,
An understanding of the project & it's worth.

Suddenly I'm transformed to an alternate universe,
back to the Narnia I was separated from with the curse.
I sense Aslan's presence is in the sounds of the hums,
the flute, violin, and the beats of the drum.
It's the sound of His march among the room,
Reminds me that He'll be on the Earth again soon.
I long to return to this universe again,
Rather than get caught in the trap I've been in. 
Jesus, come walk among each day in this way,
With the powerful music of your roar on display. 
Let me not leave the artistic world in my spirit and heart. 
Even when on Monday this place I must depart. 
I long to tap into the artist in me,
Because then it will be YOU I will see. 
Allow me to walk in fullness of who I am,
Create something beautiful and different with your powerful hands.

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Macaroo42 said...

Wow. didn't see this till just now. Powerful.