Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Mess.

Facebook. Twitter,
all our apps get littered.
Photos, updates, even games,
How many more comments can I gain?
Photos get edited before they're put up,
I can make it look like I don't have a big butt!
We control the things that people can see,
And before long we're making up our identity. 
I choose to look good when I post something today,
I don't tell you my sleep pattern makes me live in a haze. 
I dont tell u I'm lonely and hate living alone,
Or that my heart hurts when friends get to busy to phone. 
I don't show you my pile of laundry on the couch,
Or the bum knee I teach Zumba on-ouch!
I don't tell you about the struggles I always have with my thoughts,
that every day lived in victory was REALLY fought. 
I don't talk about spiritual battles that rage,
That would be so uncomfortable to put on my facebook page!
Everyone else seems to have so much  to say,
So many updates to add to their status today.
I only have one thing on my mind at this point,
I'm worn out from my mind all the way down to my joints. 
I'm done hiding that I am a mess,
It's okay NOT to be okay. It's okay to be depressed. 
I serve a King who knows every inch of my life. 
He knows my desires, from ministry to being a wife. 
Past, present, and future are all in His hand,
If I only knew HOW much, I could more boldly stand. 
He probably chuckles when he sees me freak out
He has such great plans it's ridiculous for me to doubt. 
I'm a mess alright, but a beautiful one,
You know who told me that? My King & His Son.


Pineapple Princess said...

A-mazing poem! Totally inspired! Love your blog bio, too. I found your blog through Mama Beth's!

Elisabeth said...

Hi. I've seen u on Siestaville. Hello, Siesta! I love that community. I love getting to know new people!:)