Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guess what today is!?!?!?

Today is a brand new day. A new chance to begin doing that thing u always mean to do daily. A new chance to become a strong, dangerous, mighty warrior. To have a faith that can literally move mountains & heal disease. Today is a new chance to see with the eyes of Jesus all the areas the enemy tries to wriggle his way into everything and to finally stop taking his presence in your life- today it's time to finally kick his butt for good! Today is a new chance to set aside the material & dive into the eternal- living and fighting for what lasts. Today is the day to fight hard for that friendship that's not going so well. To set aside comfort & pride and take the time to make things right. To come to peace. Today is the day to begin truly living. Truly becoming a dynamic powerhouse that changes the world with their presence- one person and place at a time. Today. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Today. 

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