Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bucket lists

I've recently begun to realize an area I've fallen back into (and maybe never left) of un-belief. Un-belief in God's ability, willingness, and/or concern for me or parts of my life. I have a lot of faulty thinking I need to deal with. One of the biggest struggles I have is believing God delights in miracles, wholeness, and the desires of our heart. Silly, because it's not at all true. In fact, if u really get into it, u can argue that He's the one who puts them there in the first place!......
Something I heard today was that everyone has things that they struggle with. The key is to struggle WELL. Hmmmmm. Struggle well. How do I do that? By being honest and open about myself. In the lighthearted side of that idea, I've decided to share the core of my bucket list. I just thought it'd be fun, and I have nothing to be ashamed of in sharing it. So here are my top desires, or things I seriously want to do in my lifetime and need to believe my God is big enough to do them if He wanted:
One I've done in the past. One I'm very trained for but there's no demand for it.  One is halfway done. One I want more than any of the others, or anything else I've ever desired. Can you guess which ones I'm talking about?:•}
1. Perform in the theater
2. Work for Disneyland
3. Visit every single state/see special landmarks in each 
4. Compose music
5. Create an incredible painting
6. Work for Living Proof 
7. Learn how to ballroom dance
8. Start an orphanage and school in Africa
9. Be loved (romantically)
10.Go horseback riding
11. Live in a tree or hut for a minimum of 1 yr. 
12. Compete in a dance competition
13. Work as a therapeutic clown 

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