Monday, July 5, 2010

...lost my muchness, have I?!

Tell me I'm reading too much into it, but I am greatly encouraged by the new Alice in Wonderland. I was reminded today by the silliest thing that perhaps when I feel the weakest and most a mess, I may actually be the strongest and most beautiful. Not to everyone. But to Jesus. And to those who matter and take time to "get" that whole truth.

Even when I'm exhausted, attacked, failing, etc.... I need to act like the princess I truly am. If it is true that I have a dad who happens to be the biggest and best King in the biggest and best Kingdom there is, then I'd better be more intent on living like it. I have a job to do. I may be just a girl here, with nothing and no one special. But my true identity is actually that of a warrior princess (And don't think you'll EVER see me looking like Xena. The thought makes me cringe!) I have a job to do. I've got to kick some serious, major demonic butt. And literally. I'm talking about real live stomping on the enemy.

Since I've seemed to be experiencing some attack from the opposition, it has to start here, with my life. We all need to take up our swords, arm ourselves with the weapons He's given us, and start fighting. I've decided that any reason for a lack of authority over the enemy lies in forgetting who I am. If I'm to remember and live out my royalty, I need to start by reminding myself. I'm going to start believing six impossible things before breakfast. That's the way to do things right:
1. The being who hand-crafted the earth all that's in it loves ME.
2. 2,000 years ago, a guy believed in me so much, He payed the price for me to have direct access to this God who loves me.
3. I have a power in me that can move any mountain and heal sickness.
4. I get to rule alongside this incredible being in the royal courts.
5. I am fully armed and can slay the enemy when he gets in my way.
6. My King promises to work out anything that happens for my good.
There's six impossible things most people don't believe in a lifetime, much less before breakfast. I'll start there. And so should you, fellow warriors!

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BeckyLove said...

POWERFUL! Love it!