Sunday, March 14, 2010

Okay. So these are not edited to be polished and to flow smoothly and to have all the correct spelling or grammer. But I scribbled down some things in the throws of today's studying with Beth. I thought I'd put them up here, even in rough-draftish form. I felt to Spirit leading me to swollow my pride of wanting to polish it & just keep it how it was. I actually took notes on my phone, so I'm sorry if it lines up funny......

(Joshua 1:1-9):
-the children of Israel were told to bring physical sacrafices. 
- We, in the same spirit are told to bring spiritual sacrafices.  
(Acts 17: 26):
I'm here right now in this yr for a reason.
God even chose my WORKS for my life. 
*because of God's specific plan, 
He's made specific promises on my life.
- And it is to His glory that I succeed! (John15:7-8)
My promised Land is the place where i'm living effectively in the specific plan and purpose God has for my life.
-it will never be a lack of talent, ability, or the such that will keep us from living n our promised land & being effective.
 It will be FEAR. Always fear. 
(An emotional ourburst of unbelief. ) 
***God said "I have given u this land, now go stand on it!"***
(Keith wouldn't have gotten an affirmation of his calling if he wouldn't have stepped foot in Angola.)
Fear doesn't get to be a factor n my life. 
(I have to be more afraid of missing God than of what is before me to do. )
I need to look at each situation and pull the fear out. 
(am I refraining only because of fear? 
If so, I don't have any choice but to act anyway. 
Fear is not a good enough excuse. )
1.) the past (rooted in)
(Isaiah 43:18-19):
We're projecting an old fear on a new day!
(Joshua 3:3-4):
My temptation is to project an old fear on a new PLACE. 
I need to just go there!!!!
2). Fear of saying "yes"!
-I'm afraid to get out there & learn in front of others,
To make mistakes and not be perfect at first. To look weak. 
(2 Timothy 1:6-7):
Paul is telling Timothy not to shrink back.
 (Joshua 3:15-17):
A NT parralel. God is gonna part some waters & do amazing things. But the priests go in first. They are the only ones getting their feet wet. That is ME. I am gonna have to get my feet wet to be effective & lead others. 
(I WILL mess up. The enemy WILL discourage me. But the way to get back at him is to get up again. And do what I'm called to again. Again. Again. Again.) 
(Micah 7:19):
 I have an "again" kind of God. 
Mercies anew every morning again. Starting over again.  Doing the thing again. Again. Again. Again. 
3.) afraid to say "no".
(1Cor. 16:12):
Is all the responsibility on us really OUR responsibility? 
Or do we do things because we want approval
 (or don't want disaproval) from some very strong personalities?
***Do I refrain from doing things sometimes because I'm afraid I will fail God? Do I realize He already knows this?***
God says "I WILL NOT FAIL Y-O-U!" (Joshua 1:9)   

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