Friday, February 5, 2010

Hinds feet continued, to continue yesterday's findings. This morning I learned that rather than going to the Lord FOR our courage, we need to go to the Lord AS our courage and bravery. There are so many areas this touches. Many places in which we need to break free of strongholds involving fear.

Yesterday, we discovered that fear is an emotional outburst of doubt or unbelief.
But, let's build on that a bit. It's great to become aware of fear when it's going on, and to realize why we're afraid of something. But, the next problem is what we do when we realize fear has crept in. Most of the time, we try to slow down, think through our situation, and find a way to control the fear. To be in charge of our actions and words. BUT......that can lead to major problems and more strongholds. When we try to control our actions, we are only masking the issue going on within us. And becoming controlling. Even when it doesn't SEEM we're being controlling, we are. This happens way too often in relationships. When we realize we're afraid of something we don't like, or of something unhealthy going on in any type of relationship, We default to some form of control over it. "Not me!" You may say.
"I just give myself some space to think about things and take it before the Lord. Hoping He'll give me insight or answers." Sound familiar to anybody out there? While we DO need to think through the situation, and while we Do need to bring things before the Lord, seeking His face in every situation, you'd better check yourself and your motivations. Giving yourself that space and withdrawing can very easily become manipulation and control of the relationship. Some of the most manipulative and controlling people are the ones who choose silence and pulling away under the mask of "I'm praying about it." or "I'm busy." Oh, really? Busy?! WHAT under Heaven's sun is more important that taking the time to hash out an issue in a relationship with someone else in the body? Do we realize how badly it hurts others when we pull away and become too busy or too spiritually seeking the Lord about them to converse about how we're processing? (Oooooh. That one stung. I'm speaking to myself here!) This sort of ties into my next point....

Learning in front of others. You know, our growth in our walks with the Lord are constantly moving and progressing. This is a lifelong process here. And in that process, there is something that happens way too often. We are afraid to learn, to process, to develop our knowledge, healing, freedom, spiritual gifts, and wisdom in front of others. This is partly why we pull inward in the above mentioned situations. We want to figure it all out, (Whatever "It" is at the moment) and develop ourselves behind closed doors. We don't want others to see us in the raw parts of the processes. We only want to show our self to others once a part of us or the situation is figured out and put together. We don't want to be honest and say "This is what is going on within me right now, in the raw moment of this problem or issue." We shut ourselves up inside until we think we have something wise or profound or attractive to show or say. This can cause us to miss the opportunity to be PROFOUNDLY a part of God's work. We are missing the chance to see God through others, and at the same time, that is causing others to miss a chance to BE the hands, feet, and words of God to US. Which means, we are hindering the chance for THEM to use a spiritual gift or experience the Spirit working through them. Come on! Do we really want to be responsible for having THAT much effect on someone else's spiritual walk? It is a pride issue. We don't want to be humble! (And if right about now we're thinking this is not talking about us, we're the ones who need a reality check!) God says all over His word that He works most in humility and honesty. So, why are we letting our pride get in the way and cause so many problems?!?!?!

Today, let the Lord your God BE your courage and bravery. Ask Him to bring you to a place of honesty and rawness that will facilitate healing and HIS work among the body.