Friday, January 8, 2010

Believing God

As I was relaying my last two blogs to my best friend last night, it hit me. Again. From the thousanth angle. It ALL goes back to Believing God. Really! Always. We were discussing the deep reasons for acting out in sin. It hit me. At the core of every time I CHOOSE to live in sinful action, is the un-belief that God has something better for me. Or that He won't let me down if I bank everything on Him. Disobedience is acting on un-belief, right? Oh, Beth. You were right. It ALWAYS comes down to believing God!


Macaroo42 said...

SO right. So dad-gum right! This is really great, Julie-beth! I just read it all from beginning to end and I think the project and what the Lord is about in your life is wonderful. I pray it may bless people for YEARS to come. That's what's so cool about cyber-space. ☺

Elisabeth said...

Thanks! I appreciate that very much. I just want to encourage others!