Sunday, November 16, 2014

Updated Update.

First of all, here's a video that my coworker from Elijah Rising created. It explains a lot!    

Next, I have more details about my trip to South Africa with PLAY. It looks as if I'll be leaving the 30th of December to ring the new year in South African style. And I'll be returning mid-April. That doesn't leave much time to gather all I need in order to make ends meet while there! I have raised enough to cover the flight, but we're still needing over $1500 for living expenses and the like. If you don't know about PLAY from Lisa being at Big Valley, I encourage you to look at the website or Lisa's blog. And consider becoming a part of the staggering work she is doing by prayerfully and financially supporting me. It takes every part of a body doing it's job to make things function the correct way. I literally can't go without you. That's the truth!
                                      Give at PLAY or send checks to:
127 S. Presidio Dr
Gilbert, AZ 85233
"For Liz" in memo!

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