Friday, November 7, 2014

Getting Along.

The last year was wild, mind-blowing, painful, challenging, beautiful, and simultaneously one of the hardest yet most amazing years of my life. And those things all drastically change a person. I've seen and experienced things I wouldn't even want to begin describing here. And you don't walk away from that unmarked. 

I've had a few curious friends wondering if I've "gone off the deep end". Worried that I've become someone who might make them uncomfortable. Who might do or even believe things that they'd disagree with. I mean, I grew up in an extreme sessationalist environment and spent the last 6 months living and working in one that is in every way sensationalistic.  I used to laugh at those on the other end of the spectrum from me. Judge them. Assume they were off their rockers. But after the last chunk of life, here's what I've learned....

Every end of the spectrum is beautiful. I can't negate the solidity of the traditions. I love liturgy. And I can't deny the ways in which I have now experienced the Holy Spirit at work in a Charismatic ministry. He's fallen so hard on me that I've ended up on my face in His presence...... My take and my response to the criticism I receive is this: "I love and serve the body of Christ. All of them. Every single denomination and kind. I
will not overlook the beauty of ritual and I will not quench the fire and power of the Holy Spirit. My desire is to see the body vibrant, alive, actively advancing the kingdom into the corners of darkness in this world. I long to see the unification of the Church and acceptance and learning from those who're not just like us.  Because if we don't flow out of a place of unity, our focus remains on ourselves rather than those out there who desperately need to encounter the hope and redemption of Jesus Christ." 

Don't tell me I'm living in a dream-world. Don't tell me we can't all get along. Don't tell me the old rhythms and practices aren't necessary. Don't tell me to quench the ways in which I've experienced the Holy Spirit move and breathe in my own life and before my eyes. Don't tell me God isn't into performing the impossible these days. He's into miracles alright. I know this because I AM ONE. Don't tell me this "world-changer" mentality is all just the hype that's going around. Last time I checked, God's Word says who wins.  Guess what? It's US!!!!

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