Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The secret life of our Newsfeeds.

Recently, I've been more thankful than ever for Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat because it allows me to stay connected with everyone I love even though there are miles, time zones, busy schedules, and contacts being lost on my phone. However, I've had an inckling about something that I haven't heard a lot of people discuss. I was analyzing this issue the other day (because that's how I do), and I think I stumbled upon something that seems so simple but is so deep.......

The newsfeed. What if I told you that your newsfeed (or equivalent on Insta and snap) was much more of a destructive tool than you think? Some people would claim it doesn't effect them at all. Some-like me-if I am completely honest and real- can examine their actions and emotions in response to hanging out online often and see it. Here's what I mean......

1.) When I'm on often, scrolling through my friend's posts, I don't realize it at the moment but something shifts within me. I will many times walk away from my phone with a sinking negativity about my life. Or a jealously of everyone else's. At this time in my life, my Newsfeeds look very much like this: "Baby. Baby. Baby. Engagement. Baby. Baby. Wedding. Baby. A bunch of people I love together whom I've lost contact with. Baby. New boyfriend. Baby. Travel. Baby........" You get the picture. It's hard for me to see this every time I log on without feeling badly about myself and my life. It's not as if there are many others my age I know of who are completely single; trying to be as healthy as possibly and flourish as largely as they can. It can be even more painful at moments to see all the high schoolers you once mentored getting married. I want to be married and have kids SO badly. And now. (Honestly. I'm not old, but I'm not that young for having kids either.) I've come to a conclusion that Newsfeeds can rub this in my face & cause me to play the comparison game which will destruct my self-confidence. And I wonder if I just have a weird issue with it or if there are others out there who are being affected a lot by this too. Maybe feeling at times that their life is not exciting or good enough when looking at their friend's daily posts. 

2.) I am having more of an issue lately with people being on snapshot and Instagram while hanging out. I feel like it does two things: a.) tells the person they're with that snapchatting and instagraming other people is more important than good conversation and making memories & 
b.) robs THEM from learning and maintaining healthy face-to-face relationships.  

Maybe I'm a very strange person. But I have an inckling this whole newsfeed thing might quietly be more destructive than we think if we're not aware and careful. That being said, I have no plans to cease my use of these things. Just to be very careful of allowing them to impact me I'm certain ways. 

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