Thursday, May 23, 2013


Whether it's graduating high school or living between several large and extremely different worlds, change is hard. Most people fight it. It causes us to do crazy things. It makes you feel odd, disconnected, not as good at flowing  with everything around you as you used to be. Your view of everything changes and suddenly it's as if you've put on a new pair of glasses and the focus shifts into a new dimension that you've never experienced before. It makes your heart skip a beat sometimes, when you least expect it, with surprise or realizing something isn't in fact the way you always thought it to be. 

Whether you're a graduate, you travel often to different cultures, or you have just moved, don't fight the struggle that comes with acclimating. And find the area that maybe you're not supposed to acclimate back to. Use this time to draw near Jesus, knowing He felt all the above the the highest extreme when He walked the Earth. Enjoy the opportunity to see things with His glasses. Record it to look back on. Don't be ashamed of being different or having a hard time with things others around you find normal. Be you. Be real. It's beautiful. 

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