Monday, April 8, 2013

Africa update.

Today, things changed. As you may know I have been very excited about all that Agape has been doing in Kenya and I've been working towards a trip to check it all out.

Today I found out that there are some delightful new missionaries coming to work with Agape. Decisions are needing to be made about who will be where and doing what and when.....logistics. In the process of all that is happening, it looks like there just may not really be a need for me long-term at this time- something my heart has been wondering about and considering. They have welcomed me to still come for a short-term trip, and I have gladly taken them up on the offer. I know that no matter WHAT the future holds, I will glean wisdom and learn valuable lessons to take into the future.

I will be going to Kenya from June26-July13th. I trust The Lord has some incredible plans. Please be praying for the the trip as well as the future. My heart does indeed ache to serve long-term in Africa. Somehow. Somewhere. And soon. Thank you to all who've been such an incredible support.

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