Sunday, July 29, 2012

Changing the world.

It's that feeling that sparks a light within you. That childlike spirit of wander and adventure and big-ness. The spirit we too often learn to quench because, well, adults just don't act like that. They're supposed to be proper and poised and organized and in control and in the know. They're always having the answers.

But every once-in-a-while, something happens. Without us really even noticing it. Some truth or beauty or movement within our spirit takes place and we light up. We come alive. We radiate and in that brief moment our mind and faith soar. Suddenly, God is the coolest and hugest thing in the universe and we are unhindered in our passion for Him and what He is able to accomplish. We have forgotten about work, the stack of bills, the emails awaiting return, the messy house, grocery list, and people needing a piece of our time. We are simply here. With Jesus. In His presence. And everything else fades.

That moment is soon forgotten. The tiniest little box stored in the cobwebbed corner of the attack of our mind. Tucked away with the other moments that are nice and give us goosebumps. We return to the bills and lists and emails and work projects. After all, that's just how it is. I mean, just look around you! Everyone else you know is in the exact same position. Feeling the exact same things. So what's the point here? What's the big deal?

Your world gets shaken. You realize in a fraction of a second that it IS a big deal. That despite everyone you know being just like you, maybe you SHOULD be questioning it. Perhaps you could look at things differently. What if.....just maybe.....that box needs to be dusted off and opened? What if that is supposed to be the majority of your experience rather than a rare feel-good moment? What if you weren't MEANT for that long list of focused to-dos? What if there is SO. VERY. MUCH. MORE.

Hi. I'm Elisabeth. I'm a bit nuts. I'm going to move to Africa. And minister to people. And have big faith in a God who is who He says He is. I'm going to believe He can do what He says He can do. I'm going to live against the grain and trust with full, wide-eyed and childlike faith that He will provide for me. I'm going to be weird and misunderstood and anything but normal. But it's going to be the coolest and wildest adventure in the world.

Won't you think about joining me? In what ways are you feeling a tug to follow in a way that is different? Break the mold. I mean, look who's on your side. It's not like you can lose or anything!

*Until we all stop surviving this world and begin to CHANGE it.....*

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