Sunday, February 5, 2012

Culture shock, New jobs, Musicals, & Africa.

There is so much happening all at once that I can't even explain it all! 

I am experiencing a culture shock with the recent move. It feels like I'm in a completely different country. A bit hard to adjust to. 

I have been invited to help with the musical at BVG high school. I want to have something good to offer. 

Because of involvement in more ministry I'm having to give up Zumba at the gym for a while. It feels like part of my identity is being ripped away when I'm not going or teaching. Which is a big problem. 

In a two day period of time, I was offered an old job back, put just over a week's notice in at Starbucks, and was presented with the opportunity to go to Africa in June on top of Mexico in April. This is all very crazy for me. My heart's been in Africa since about 5 years old, and I've missed several opportunities to go in the past because I struggle with a paralyzing fear of raising the support. But this week I knew God was giving me the chance to really believe Him. He's going to use the fundraising as the means by which He will free me up from this fear and even redeem what it's destroyed over the years. I'm about to learn and change drastically. I'm so full of emotions about all the changes I'm experiencing it's hard to write. I'm shaking. But I have an idea this is about to blow my mind!!

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Kym Wolf said...

Lots of changes but all good ones. I'm excited about Africa for you and know God will provide what you need to go. Fundraising is a great start and your friends will help support you.