Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beautiful butterfly!

I was thinking today about A Bugs life. And Heimlich. And caterpillars. And how weird it must be to go from a crawly fat creature who lives in the dirt to beautiful wings and flying. Ha. Do u see the parallel here? My mind goes straight to Beth's "Breaking Free". Yeah. Weird bunny trail. My mind is a scary place. The point is that with Jesus, we get to go from fat crawly creatures who spend their time wriggling around in the dirt (bondage, pits...) to utter beauty. And I'm not talkin the kind on the cover of Vogue.  I mean, really. Is there anything better? This is just IT! In the words of Heimlich, "I am a beauuuuutiful butterfly!" 


BeckyLove said...

You know that's right! Love it

Annie said...

Okay, so now, after reading your post, Heimlich is my favourite Disney character. Totally. "I am a beauuuuuutiful butterfly!" LOVE it!