Monday, October 11, 2010

1 and 1.5

The journey continues. Learning to become who I am and less of who I WAS or THINK I am. This week has been one of the hardest I can seem to remember. I asked The Lord to teach me a way of living that involves actively placing myself into situations where God HAS to come through & there's no alternative. Why? A.) increase MY faith to experience His intimate provision. B.) I get to know His heart better. C.) It allows others to see Him in a way that can't be excused or denied. And boy did He answer me.......

Challenging and exhausting work schedules. Learning to live for days on like 3 dollars. Surprising and extremely painful conversations that shake you to your core. And unexpected joy and purpose right when u needed it in seeing someone u knew years ago, and seeing that they're totally on fire in the most beautiful way.  God is so alive and active!

 I've continually been contemplating what action I can immediately take towards changing the way I do life.
 I may not know an exact answer at this point to my question of what God desires for me to do with my dedication to simple and Biblical living. But I do know there are always small things that can be done now to impact my little world around me right where I'm at. I need to start by being faithful and an example to those in the body.   Being the change, right? There are two ways I've decided to implement change this month:

1. I made a commitment to giving much  more that 10% back to God. This becomes particularly challenging when u are giving to the point of not being able to pay bills unless God comes through. But that is exactly the point! I think the issue isn't a number. The issue is whether u trust Him enough to give it to Him and live on Faith and His provision. This is difficult and it's been shaking me up. I didn't think about money for the last 2 yrs. Always made more than enough. Shopped several times a week.  Now I have to calculate every item I purchase. I have to think about every carton of soy milk and apple and box of cereal. Thank you Jesus for an abundance of free coffee!

2. Beginning October 1st and lasting all of next year, I committed to shopping for clothing only at thrift stores. No new items. I will purchase clothing from Gooodwill, Salvation Army, and Buy Rite. This will cut un-needed cost and help to provide jobs for people in our community. As I believe God to provide me extra money because of my efforts in the area, I am going to use that money to support a second child through World Vision. This time from Africa.

Anyone want to join me in these commitments? I would relish some companionship.  

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