Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hi. My name is Elisabeth. And I'm strange. Ha. Just kidding. But really....
Okay. Long story. I won't tell it all at this moment. If you're really wanting it ask. I'm open. But the nutshell version is this:
1. The enemy knew I was created for something powerful. To powerfully work for Jesus and be in intimacy with Him. He tried to stop me before I'd been born.
2. Years of painful experiences. Enemy gets me into completely destructive state of mind and action. (Addictions are his way of keeping a white noise in the radio between us and the Spirit.)
3. I've begun realizing these things.
4. The enemy slowed me down by getting me to care about being different and weird and giving up a "normal" life.
5. I realized recently that there is NOTHING in the way a typical American Christian lives that matches how Jesus told us to do life. That changed things.
6. I began eating different. Seeing things different. Doing things different.
(Side tangent: did u know u can use things like Grape Seed Oil for face moisturizer and tea tree oil with witch hazel for toner? You don't NEED the extra chemicals in your products. Besides, they're cancerous.)
7. I give up every dream for my life but one-know Jesus. Be Jesus to the world. Allow Him to infiltrate me so much I reek of Him.
8. Oh, wait! I still live with destructive thought patterns and habits. Why doesn't Jesus just fix it? I know He can. Ah. This is where I got stuck. I've been wondering this for over 2 years. And yesterday, I believe He finally handed me the answer.
It comes in the form of a DVD series my dear little friend Sarah let me borrow. The speaker is Caroline Leaf. Incredible. She's a friend of Miss Beth. A Neurologist. She talks about our brain and how it functions. She explains the set up of our brain and emotions and memories. When you look at the inside of the brain, your memories actually look like trees. They branch out and grow. Did you know that negative memories and fear actually grow thorns on them? YES! It's true! It's fascinating! You can SEE it! She shows how negative toxic thinking affects you and your spirit and your body. Its phenomenal. It's scary. And it's beautiful. The amazing thing? You can be in control (In conjunction with the Spirit) of all of this. And no matter how horrible things have been up in there until this point, you can begin a visible healing within your brain in as little as 4 days. Only God can do something so amazing! And THIS, my friends, fellow bloggers, and Sisters in Siestaville, is where I am today. Finally having solid, smart, accurate, anatomical, scientifically, and scriptural answers to the the question that's been haunting me and slowing me down. In a way, this is slightly scary. If I get this dealt with and mastered, where am I going to end up? With incredible adventures. Who am I going to be? Anything but average. Oh, how hard to swallow. Oh, how huge! ***deep breath*** Okay, Jesus. Let's do this........Chapter one to come this week....

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