Thursday, February 11, 2010

True Desires

God has been weaving many things into me. I am almost processing too much to put into words. But I will share one thing that has been really sticking as far as the journey to Breaking Free.....

The reason we so often DON'T break free of a cycle or habit is because, deep down, in reality, WE DON'T WANT TO!!! There is a lot that goes into that, and deeply. But the root of this point is that we all want to walk free. We all want to look back on anything that has hindered the abundant and spirit-filled life and be at a milestone. Be higher and on top of the thang, rather that under it. And honestly, in order to make it to that point of freedom and milestone, we have to make it through many, many moments of hard. Hard that requires every ounce of everything in us. Once you make a decision to stop something, the enemy is going to bombard you with attack and temptation like you've NEVER experienced before. It WILL get worse before it gets better. But- listen up here, this is important- If we TRULY desire freedom and cry out to Jesus in our moments of attack and temptation, He WILL come through and provide success. EVERY time. Without fail. What I realized fully this week is that My God does NOT desire failure in any form for me. (My largest fear. failure.) So, as long as I cry out to Him in whatever the moment may be, He will be faithful to deliver me from the temptation. Or attack. Or possibility of failing. Or whatever. But I GOTTA cry out to Him. That's the key. If I don't, I am setting myself up for failure.(And probably because I WANTED to fail.) If I DO, I am guaranteed success in Jesus Name. How cool is THAT?!?!? Maybe you already had this issue completely understood. But for me, I'm beyond Stoked. Thanks for that insight, Beth! And Thank you Jesus for drawing me further up and in! Praise You!
Coming on Saturday......some thoughts on what we'll call God-Confidence.

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Macaroo42 said...

Love it, love it! So stinkin' true. Working on this one myself.