Monday, January 11, 2010

When you fail.

Part of me really wants to delete my last post. I have failed. This weekend was a long and difficult one. And I ended up behaving in a way that is sinful. This is weighing heavily upon me. I am tired of continually tripping up and acting out in this un-healthy way. I am tired of forgiving myself a thousand times. I am currently feeling a lack of hope that I will ever live victorious and free of these actions. God is showing me a serious spiritual stronghold here. I need to truly break free of this. It is amazing how strong a hold sin can have upon even a child of God. I wonder today what the activity looks like through God's glasses as He looks at the spiritual war waging all around me. Oh, when will I truly kick demonic butt for good? Anyone out there know what I mean? I thank you, Jesus, for being big. For being my strength, and for having it all figured out already. Isn't it wonderful that even on a day of exhaustion where I just want to curl up and cry and sleep, I can rest in the fact that I have a King fighting over me? I'm so thankful for being His. Praise you, Jesus!

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